15 Tips to Make Your Home Smell Good

Often, our House has some unpleasant smell which we do not know how to remove, either because of the food we cooked, by the bathroom drains or for any other reason. To end this, today we bring you some tips and tricks to neutralize those smells and that freshness is what prime in our home.

15 Tips to Make Your Home Smell Good

The first thing we must remember is that you necessary to remove odors, before our home, perfume because but the blend of scents will be terrible and will that our home smell even worse and stronger. So, we can start by airing our House every morning, after a short time with the windows open we can sweeten it without problem.

There are many air fresheners with pleasant smells to disperse by the household, but today we are going to give other alternatives that you can make yourself. Proposals without spending a lot of money or time.

  1. home air freshener We can decide the aroma that we like and make homemade air fresheners for our House. To do this we will need an Orange, candle wax and any essence that you like.
    We’ll take the Orange, leave it by half and flush it from the inside; Meanwhile we heat the wax to undo it. Pour the wax into the Orange and will miss the droplets of essence. Thus we get a pleasant and lasting smell in our home. In addition, we can put on the Orange a wick to make like a candle, as we recommended in this tutorial.
  2. lemon and waterAnother good idea, to Remove odors, as well as obtaining a fresh smell, is to use water and lemon. We will only have to boil water with lemon and a very pleasant smell will come off by our kitchen. It is recommended to perform this trick when we cook something with strong odors, such as seafood, or to eliminate the bad smell of the microwave.
  3. vinegar Many other times, bad smell any of our appliances follows it. Against the bad smell of the dishwasher we use vinegar, it is advisable to put it inside time vacuum and with a drizzle of vinegar to end internal odors. For example, against the smelly washer, simply place it empty and about 60 ° with a little detergent with hydrogen peroxide bleach.
  4. flowers A good idea and perfect decoration with from any corner of your House, is to put flowers. You can put fresh flowers in the Foyer or dining room to have a natural and pleasant smell. If we are lazy and don’t put flowers because they end up passing, we can try with dried flowers. They we tool a few drops of any essence that we like, the result will also be very good.
  1. homemade sprayer With warm, soothing water and baking soda, we will make a perfect sprayer for cast in any fabric of our home and they give off a very fresh scent. We just need to mix in our container with spray bottle and throw it whenever we want to have a good smell anywhere in our House. We can put it in curtains, bedspreads, or wherever you want.
  2. wipes We use wipes that we like their smell or dip them in a nice smell for us. We will have to put them in our radiators and turn when heating released smell by our home. Thus our radiators have a double function.
  3. aromatic candles This product is a good choice for a point in time. We can turn them on when we are going to have a visit, we’ll make a good smell, as well as make it look very elegant in our decoration.
  4. perfumeThis trick is very easy and efficient. We will have to put a few drops of our perfume in light bulbs when they are turned off and cold. In this way, when we turn them fragrance will evaporate and remove the smell of our perfume that we like.
  5. cinnamon You will only need water and cinnamon powder or branch. We surrounded it in water and let that smell go spreading every corner of our home. Here is the steps, amounts and ingredients to explain.
  6. aromatic herbsThis is a good way to decorate and we’ll both make a good smell. If we put herbs in our cooking, will only have to touch them once in a while to shed its smelland I will neutralize the smell of food. We will get a very natural smell.
  7. riceYou will only need a bowl of rice hidden in every corner of our bathroom to finish with moisture, and its such an unpleasant smell whenever you showers. We get that you catch the smell of humidity and smell like whatever the Nice smell of the shampoo or gel.
  8. Apple We Peel the apples and let dry in sunlight its shell. We put it on fabric bags and they released a super sexy smell. It is a good idea for the cabinets, we can put a bag of these and we will ensure that our clothes smell very well .
  9. baking soda This baking supply has the power to absorb all the smells, so it can be hiding in any corner to at least make sure that our House is not smell badly. This trick for refrigerators, is highly recommended especially when we have some product that detach much odor. It will neutralize and give freshness.
  10. water and vinegarWith this trick we can eliminate bad smells from our House, especially strong as tobacco odors. We will only have to put a bowl of water with vinegar in the space of our home in which someone has smoked. So the smell will disappear quickly. Also we will spray the walls with this mixture in a pulverizer, since on the walls is usually in one of the places where survive a smells.
  11. shell of citrus A good choice to eliminate odors, in addition to a smell nice are them cascarás of citrus. Your result will be very noticeable if you put them in the bottom of the bins, so leave note that bad smell that this tends to detach.

    These are all tricks that we bring you today. In addition to these there are many more, here is a video with some other tips.

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