Christmas Decoration: 5 Ideas

The decoration of this season is so versatile, that you don’t need to spend more to achieve the environment you want. Here you share 5 tips to get the Christmas celebration to your rooms.

Christmas Decoration 5 Ideas

Christmas bulbs

Why not use bulbs for more than just for the tree? Christmas lights are ideal for creating warm environments; In addition, they are easy to install and you can reuse them as you want. Encourage you to give a twist to your decorating with Christmas lights!

Gift pads

With only a Ribbon you can transform your bedroom pads in gifts, which are a fundamental part during the celebrations of this season. This simple idea will help you transform your room into a very original space.

Hanging snowflakes

Are you a lover of crafts? Then this tip is for you. It creates figures of snowflakes with paper cellophane, shiny plastic or wood; then hang them from the ceiling at different heights. Take the test! Your bedroom will look like a garden covered in snow.

Candy canes

Children and adults love candy canes, used as decor inside vases, cups or plates of glass and welcome Christmas! To love your children, we guarantee you.


Besides the poinsettias, there are other types of plants which combine perfectly with Christmas decorations and are easy to maintain. A simple pine miniature, adorned with ribbons and bells, will be able to give a subtle and elegant touch to your room.

Ready! Now that your bedroom has all the spirit of Christmas, we invite you to check our catalog at our site, where you’ll find what you need to give the final touch to your space.

Are you now ready for Christmas? Are how you decorated your House?

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