How to Find Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

How to Find Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

The whole passage talks about the way to find a wholesale clothing supplier, plus the contact for more information. You can read other blog post to learn the way to find the right supplier for you and your business. First of all, we should understand how to begin the search. You should have a good list of suppliers to select from for beginning your shipping business. Then comes a question: it is better to select domestic or overseas wholesale clothing supplier?

Tip one: comparsion between domestic and overseas

It’s crucial to decide whether your suppliers are demestic or overseas. Both of them have pros and cons, depending on your personal favor and the products on sale or your own values.

Pros and cons of domestic wholesale clothing suppliers

First let’s talk about the pros of a domestic wholesale clothing supplier. It’s easy to understand that the shipping time will necessarily shorter. You can have better conversation with the supplier who has the same native language, which can svae you some errors and mistakes. Besides, higher manufacturing quality can achieve. As for the two biggest cons, they are higher costs and insufficient products to select from. Compared with overseas places like China or India, products made in America are fewer. What’s more, higher quality of products and better labor laws entail the higher price of goods.

Pros and cons of overseas wholesale clothing suppliers

You can choose overseas manufacturing, which has the pros such as lower manufacturing costs, particularly compared with manufacturers in America. But lower labor standards overseas may result in lower quality products. Besides, many wholesale supplier can be your option, particularly clothing suppliers. Thanks to services like Pauldigo, you can cooperate with overseas suppliers more easily.

Longer shipping time is another cons. Since most manufacturers are in china, it will be long before the product can arrive at your customer in North America. Sometimes you may encounter customs issues. You can’t visit the manufacturers by yourself, at least the expentiture is not cheap. Proving products could be a big problem. More errors and mistakes may emerge because of cultural differences and language barriers.

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Tip two: ways of finding a supplier

By free online directories, you can begin to find a supplier, be it domestic or overseas.

Don’t forget Google. You will find old and outdated suppliers’ websites in Google, most of which cannot be found on the top of the search result, because Google rewards websites are updated constantly burying the manufacturers. Thus, you have click several pages to find something useful. It will cost much time and energy, so it can’t be a good idea.

If you still doubt where to search a supplier, depend on referrals and reputation. Consult the people in the business circle. Don’t afraid to contact people that can help you, even though they don’t know you. If you know the art of asking for help, people would always like to help. If you don’t like reach out, try online forms. Use social media to do research and read much information.

Once you have enough time and money, go to trade shows to explore a supplier.

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Tip three: ways to request a quote

When the supplier has been decided, you should find out whether they are able to deliver. First of you, you need to request quatation. Request for quotation is a basic procedure when cooperating with wholesale suppliers of any kind. This is the only way to know the prices offered by the supplier. It won’t be long before you know how to deal with it since you will repeat this for many times. Generally, you should send a email to ask the connection between the price and quantity. It’s not simple, so you must take it serious rather than an instant messaging between you and the supplier. Organize your words to get the best possible answer. It’s a waste of time to go back and forth and therefore forget important information.

MOQ, the supplier’s minimum order quantity should be the first thing you need to know. Different suppliers have different requirements. Make sure that you meet with the demand of MOQ stipulated by your supplier. You should consider the most important question: the price of the product. If you have higher quantity orders, you may get higher discount priceing. To know the production pricing, ask for the price of various quantities.

Next things you need to know are the turnaround time and shipping terms. In a drop shipping business, timing can be the most important, that is to say, it matters the time to deliever the item to your customer, which is the factor you need to know. Besides, know their payment terms to check whether you’re fine with their charge for products. All mentioned above differs from supplier to supplier. You must wouldn’t like to surprised about their expectation of you to pay for the inventory.

There is one more thing you need to know: their samples. You can get discounted samples from some suppliers. When you are able to afford the sample, you should ask and order a few. Then you can know the feeling when your customer receive the product. This step can make you decide whether it’s good to cooperate with this supplier. If not, go on find another one until you fid the ideal one.

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Finally you can understand the way to find wholesale clothing supplier!

It’s a matter of time to start cooperation with a wholesale clothing supplier. It’s all about your endless perseverance and seraching the suppliers on different platforms. Only then can you have bigger chances of finding the perfect one, which can guarantee you desired products at reasonable prices. It’s worth doing a lot of screening when you can make much profits.

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