Learn How to Make Your Lips Plumper

Full lips are an undeniable symbol of seduction and beauty, which is why more and more women willing to resort to cosmetic surgery to erase the signs of aging and make fuller lips and luscious.

Learn How to Make Your Lips Plumper
In addition to Botox injections and scalpels there are however many other tricks to make the lips plumper. Let’s discover them together!

First of all, the lips should be treated just like any other part of the face. Don’t forget to moisturize her several times a day with special protective and emollient stick; a few times a week made a delicate scrub using an old soft toothbrush or a specific lip scrub: your mouth immediately appear smoother, brighter and more beautiful.
And now onto the make-up. To make your lips plumper you have to follow a few simple steps to the makeup of the mouth.

    • To get started you apply a specific spell around the lip contour; the spelling reflecting light is able to create a particular shade around the mouth that will make it seem larger lips.
    • Use a Pencil of the color of your skin tone to outline the shape of the lips, draw the line slightly above the outline of your mouth and filled with pencil white space. To have lips from real stars applied a touch of eye shadow shiny, silver or gold, at the center of the lower lip.
    • Apply a gloss, transparent or colored using a special brush. Choose a plumping lipstick, able to give even more fullness to your lips.
  • Finish the trick by tapping on the lips, starting at the Center up the corners of the mouth, a bright and sparkly lip gloss.The result is guaranteed!

And if you really don’t want to give up the extra effect-volume of surgical treatments are well careful not to overdo it! The lips turgid and fleshy indeed are beautiful to see and Kiss, while the lip effect-dinghy are fake and unsightly. Better then renounce permanent surgery and most innovative filler treatments rather choose. An example? The gel made of hyaluronic acid: allow to redesign and fill your lips naturally with an effect that lasts up to eight months.

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