See the New Cuddly Benitos, Inspired by My Favorite Childhood Teddy

I do not remember the day when my parents gave it me, perhaps it was so small that my memory does not go so far back. But do remember that became my inseparable friend, my shield of dreams, luchando against the monsters that appeared from under the bed.

See the New Cuddly Benitos, Inspired by My Favorite Childhood Teddy

My favorite Teddy was my companion games, excursions, trips to the Moon or in the car. It made me suffer that I could feel any pain, or you feel abandoned. Leave it at home I overwhelmed, and forget it in a park could be all a tragedy.

There is a special connection when we are children with our favorite stuffed toys, is weaving in our own childhood imagination and that is somehow magical. When are going to grow this connection changes shape, and ends up being a nice memory that we look with nostalgia from our serenity of adults.

More than one year ago, when my niece started to be interested in toys, we got all that we had in the storeroom when my sister and I were small. Stirring among the boxes I found things that was believed lost. The colors, the textures made me travel back in time, directly to moments, sensations, and memories of my childhood. Suddenly I saw him, it was something else to see a stuffed doll, was to meet with an old friend again.

The fabric of his body, though punished by the passage of time, was so soft and squishy… I felt the need to make a new product with a similar fabric. Wanted to make a stuffed animal that I remember those who accompanied me in my early childhood. The truth is that it has not been easy, I looked for a fabric with those characteristics for months, I went through a lot of suppliers, I walked by the different online stores of fabrics that I know, and I discovered many new ones, but the ideal fabric did not appear, and when he had almost lost hope I found it by chance, and had the color, texture and ideal weight. Was at that time in which soft Benito began to become a reality.

And today I can finally present.

I think what stands out in this Benito is its touch, is really soft, more abrazable than the previous Benitos, and lightness and softness of the fabric gives it to the fall of their ears and arms an really tender, as when you are sleeping and drop. But it has other features that make it really special, like his jacket of grey point.

To make it I’ve partnered with my mother. It has been great to see it work to achieve the dream form, and I think that it has done a great job. Jackets are tied with a bow, which can be colour bright grey or pink.

I like to think that these bunnies may become the inseparable companion of a child, sharing games and adventures, and that of adults when the look a sense of familiarity and nostalgia invades them. Because the Benitos are more than stuffed animals, are friends for life.

I hope you liked it, if you want your are now available in the online store, you can find it in this link: