Swimwear: How to Wash and Keep It Perfect All Summer

If you take care of your swimwear, not only will it last throughout the summer in perfect condition, but that it will also be perfect for the next. There are […]

Swimwear How to Wash and Keep It Perfect All Summer

You must keep in mind a few simple directions:

– Before using it for the first time, wash it a couple of times with water. In this way you will avoid that the bikini wet and freshly new, losing color inside the bag, bag, etc.

-In the first washing of your bikini or swimsuit never be dipped in water more than 5 minutes when bath garments are new and intense colors tend to lose color and, especially, to degrade each other. We will have to wait for the color to be set, calculating a washed 3-4 to stay quiet on this theme.

– Do not leave the bikini on spotted chlorine or salt water for a long time. An hour is enough to make it lose color.

– Bikini always hand wash with water and neutral soap. The warm water  never exceed 30 ° C.

– Not to get it to the washer. You will suffer not only by your bikini but also by the clothes washed next to it. Keep in mind that the swimwear fabrics tend to give off more color than any other fabric and more still at the beginning.

– Never let dry under the Sun. It will lose color quickly and shuts down. You will have to hang it in the shade to avoid a disappointment before time.

-Always avoid contacting with the sunscreen. Stains that produce these creams, on many occasions are impossible to remove.

– Avoid very rough surfaces such as the edges of swimming pools or the stones of the jetties on the beach. If you can get a towel, your bikini will thank you.

-If you really like your bikini or swimsuit, we recommend that you do not have it when you go to a public swimming pool or a spa. In these places continuously for the maintenance of the water chemicals are applied. These products make the garment of bath to deteriorate very quickly, even a single implementation can lose your bikini.

Remember these simple points, your bikini will last perfect all the time you want.

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