The Teddy Bear of Masha and the Bear

To who does not like a gentle and endearing Teddy? It may be one of the favorite toys of kids. At Simba we thought about joining this toy with the children’s series of fashion and have couple you Teddy bear Masha and the bear.

The Teddy Bear of Masha and the Bear

We have transformed the faithful friend of the small and mischievous Masha in an irresistible and authentic Teddy bear and bring it to you so that you can share the most tender moments with him. You can not resist you to embrace it! It is one of the toys of Masha and bear striking, traditional and a sure bet for any gift. In addition, due to its characteristics, this toy helps develop sensory, motor and intellectual children.

Since their funny little ears to its harmless claws in hand and feet, all the details have been recreated to perfection in this Teddy bear. It has a high quality and has been manufactured with a high density of soft hair. Thus, his touch is very nice and will be irresistible both for children and for the not so small.

This Cute Teddy Masha and the bear can find you it in three different sizes: a stuffed there are 25 cmbear, another 35 and the larger, 50 centimeters in height. All models are identical, the only change its size. It can thus be adapted to the tastes and needs of children of all ages.

With the teddy bear of Masha and the bear, both the fun and the most tender and relaxing moments are insured. Cute bear will accompany you in all your adventures. Thus, you can play to imitate the crossbrace Masha having next to his faithful friend and, at the same time, you will have the best companion of rest close whenever you want sleep embraced your soft teddy bear.

What are you waiting to try the soft touch of Teddy bear Masha and the bear??

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