Tips to Improve Your Posture With Heels

Nothing and nobody can intervene between the friendship of women and her heels. No matter how many warnings have been circulating about the dangers of high heels and are not wrong in doing so, already that if used with proper technique, heels pose no risk of any kind.

Tips to Improve Your Posture With Heels

Walking with high heels gives women greater confidence in your appearance and the intensification of glamour at every step. It is always best to select a suitable heel size so that you can make use of them the hours that may be necessary; but that Yes, be standing in heels for long hours requires a technique and special care. Here are some tips to improve your posture in heels.

Use sponges for heels

There are small sponges of different shapes and sizes that fit easily into your heels. They not only provide you support at your feet, but that they also protect you from blisters. These small innovations will make the use of high heels comfortable.

Choose the correct size

Needless to say that it is absolutely necessary to choose the most suitable size, you can commit a little style but the reward is comfort. Is that heels are spacious, provided a better balance. High heel wedges are a good choice for the long hours of the day.

Alternating the weight on both feet

It is not good to put all the weight on one foot for a long time. Keep bending knee slightly alternating her weight; remember only bend a little, because excessive bending will give you a stooped posture which kills the purpose of using high heels in the first place.