Who We Are

PaulDigo.com is a premier one-stop online wholesale distributor that offers the highest possible value at significantly low prices. We are committed to continuous improvement and we strive to help all customers optimize their profit margins by providing the easiest and most cost effective all-in-one business solution.


Being professional

We wholesale everything for everyone; we enable anyone to get the unparalleled access to the finest and widest selection of wholesale items at the best possible prices for the highest quality.


Being helpful

Our website is now available in over 30 different languages, which gives access and convenience to worldwide friends. We give each of our clients the respect and personal attention they deserve. We believe in innovation and service excellence and we live up to our belief. We endeavor to fulfill customers’ needs and we devote as much attention and dedication to problem solving. We will always be helpful, timely and straightforward.


Being honest and trustworthy

Our number one priority is and will always be our customers' safety and satisfaction.

  • We boast guaranteed secure payment. Purchasing on our web is 100% risk free. Your payment is escrowed throughout the whole buying process. We can always guarantee the safety of your transaction no matter which of the available payment methods you choose to use.
  • We pride ourselves on personal information encryption. We ensure that your personal information has been encrypted and will not be disclosed to any other third party for usage. Your online safety and priceless trust mean everything to us.
  • We make every effort to select and sell products with unsurpassed quality. Our quality control system eradicates inferior and fraudulent items for good and each piece is inspected by quality control professions prior to shipment.


Story of PaulDigo

Interesting sidelights

Our company was named after the two sons of our CEO, Paul and Digo, with the wish to pass down the merits of honesty, integrity, sincerity, diligence as well as innovative and pioneering spirit. It’s not just the wholesale business we are running; we are also pledging to live by and pass on the positive values which are worth more than anything else in the world.


Glimpse of History

Wholesale since 2012, our award winning personal service and relentless commitment to our clients’ success have fueled our meteoric growth within 5 years. As a certified leading online wholesale marketplace, we not only offer qualified wholesale items but also provide customers with humanized after sales service and sense of belongings.


Competitive Advantages of PauDigo

Located in China, we boast fundamental advantages in direct contracts with hundreds of Chinese manufacturers who contribute to over 63% share of manufacturing activity.

  • On PaulDigo.com, we offer over 1,000 high quality goods and sell all items by the case or in bulk at wholesale prices, which gives small retailers the opportunity to acquire those unique products to which they would otherwise not have access. Every day consumers and small businesses can quickly turn merchandise, rather than tying up their money in inventory.
  • In addition, we offer the easiest and most cost effective all-in-one solution for your business. Multiple shipping options are available at PaulDigo, each with precise rates that allow you to balance shipping cost and delivery time pretty easily.
  • What’s more, the PaulDigo is also dropshipping friendly. You don’t need to purchase any inventory until your customer place an order. Just transfer customer orders and shipment details to us and we will ship to them directly. Nothing is easier than this: download product images from our site, show them to your potential customers, place the order and close the deal. In this way, the precious cash will not be sitting in your warehouse any more.
  • Last but not least, PaulDigo.com can serve as your sourcing partner in China. Send us photos of the products you want to sell and we will locate them among our manufacturers with exactly the same quality at much lower price!