Montmorency County, Michigan Zip Codes and Map

In order for you to get correct postal code when filling out your shipping address, we are offering a complete list of 3 zip codes in Montmorency County, Michigan. If you come from this county, please check the following table to locate zip code in your area. Dialing code as prefix of your phone number is also provided here for Montmorency county, MI.

List of Zip Codes in Montmorency County, Michigan

# State Postal Code City/Town County Area Code
1 Michigan (MI) 49709 Atlanta Montmorency County 989
2 Michigan (MI) 49746 Hillman Montmorency County 989
3 Michigan (MI) 49756 Lewiston Montmorency County 989

Zip Code 49709

Zip Code 49746

Zip Code 49756

Map of Montmorency County, Michigan

Map of Montmorency County, Michigan

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